Why Rolls Royce marketing is the best in the world

I’ve always enjoyed Rolls Royce marketing. It exudes the the same quality that their cars do, and it’s subtle enough that you don’t always realise what a good job they have done – which is pretty much the whole point of what Rolls Royce do. As Giles Taylor, Director of Design at Rolls Royce said of the Wraith “There‚Äôs a sense of effortless grace and elegance, but at the same time something more contemporary and daring.” Same goes for their marketing.

This was highlighted to me today when I saw Land Rover’s teaser of the new Range Rover Sport. I saw one in full camouflage in Warwickshire in January and have to confess that I didn’t at first know what it was. The image they released is very Land Rover – subtle wouldn’t be an adjective I’d wave at it – but it really did cement in my mind the difference between a well teased vehicle and the rest.

The new 2014 Range Rover Sport?

Compare that to Roll’s effort:

Rolls Royce Marketing
The Wraith – want to see more? Thought so.

Kind of says it all. Which one would you wait with bated breath for?

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